E-commerce Website

A robust eCommerce website serves as the foundation of your online retail business, and 3L Design understands the importance of utilizing the latest technology to maximize profitability. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining agile and completely customizable. Our team will discuss any custom functionality needs to tailor a solution that matches your brand and eCommerce goals.

  • E-commerce Website
    • Drive Sales Across All Devices

      With a desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive eCommerce website, you'll have control over how your visitors see your store. This control means you'll be able to optimize for usability and conversions on all devices, no matter how your customer is shopping.

      A Powerful eCommerce Marketing Suite

      From advanced search engine optimization tools to running promotions, our sites are built to give you a suite of powerful marketing tools. Run campaigns, create landing pages, and drive revenue to your eCommerce website.

      From Homepage to Checkout, Fast!

      Developed using the latest technology and standards, you'll have a blazing fast website that allows customers to go from browsing to checkout in seconds!

      Robust Product Features & Capabilities

      From basic eCommerce functionality to sophisticated product options, attributes, and filters, we've got you covered. No functionality requests are out of our wheelhouse.

      Easily Manage Your Content & Scale

      Websites edits are a breeze via a user-friendly content management system (CMS), requiring no technical skills or HTML knowledge. Easily add or edit pages, categories, products, articles, blog posts, banners, all from a user-friendly interface.

      Search Marketing Power

      3L Design offers an in-house SEO and search marketing team, ready to help you increase traffic, conversions, and goal completions!

      Package Details

      • Multi-page website
      • Products shop
      • Online payment integration (Mpesa + Credit cards)
      • Custom Forms (Booking/Registration/Order/Contact)
      • eCommerce Search Engine Optimization
      • Google Analytics Integration
      • Weekly updates
      • Free domain registration/transfer
      • Website hosting
      • Unlimited email accounts
      • Free SSL certificate
      • Website maintenance

      Package Cost

      Ksh 48,000 (payable in up to 6 months at Ksh 8,000 per month)
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