Starter Website

A one page website is a complete website that has different sections, well designed and offers all the information you need to communicate and achieve the necessary response from your target audience.

A one page website can also be designed to be a landing page that is more focused on a particular item, service, action or event. As such, a one page website can be very effective in communicating concisely and achieve higher conversion rates as there are few distractions.

We offer a 1 to 10 page website within this package.

  • Starter Website
    • Better Conversions

      The main objective of any website is to generate leads. Being a simple and user-friendly design, single page websites helps in easier and faster conversion.

      Simplified Storytelling

      Single page websites enable simplified brand storytelling. Websites with a large number of pages have a complicated navigation. In a single page website, one can scroll through and understand everything about the products and services.

      Works Well Across Devices

      Single page scroll websites are easy to use across devices. The user-experience across devices, is uniform and simple. Single page websites provide a more intuitive user-experience to the users.

      Bounce Rate Reduction

      Overall bounce rate comparisons of single page and multi-page websites have found that the bounce rates of single page websites is lower. This helps in improving the overall traffic and conversions on the site.

      Easy To Make Improvements

      Analyzing a website on a regular basis is a must to improve traffic and conversions. Using tools like Google analytics helps in improving site design and content. This process becomes simpler with single page websites, as compared to multi-page ones.

      Cost Effective

      One of the best features of a single page website, that makes it stand out, is the cost effectiveness. These websites require fewer number of resources to develop, manage and maintain.

      Package Details

      • One Page/Landing Page or 10 pages max
      • Free domain registration/transfer
      • Free website hosting (1yr)
      • 5 email accounts
      • Monthly updates
      • Image gallery
      • Contact/Booking/Registration form
      • Free website maintenance (software updates & security)
      • Free SSL certificate

      Package Cost

      Ksh 18,000 (payable in up to 6 months at Ksh 3,000 per month)
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